LC Photography

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Types Of Sessions Do You Photograph?

Nothing is off the table-aside from mini sessions (read more below). If you don't see what you are looking for listed on my pricing page feel free to send me an email about what you are needing and I can give you a custom quote! 

  • Why not mini sessions?

Planning and shooting a session is a lot of work for me! Between choosing a location, getting to know you and the photos you'd like, choosing lenses and editing, I have to put in a considerable amount of time whether the session is full-length or not. However, full-length sessions allow me to put that preparation to good use and deliver to you more higher-quality photos.

  • When Will I Receive My Photos Back?

Your photos are guaranteed to be back within 4 days--most times in only 48 hours!

  • Wait, 4 day Turnaround, Are you Serious? How?

Yes! I am one of the only photographers promising this and even though it requires a lot of time from me, I know how badly you want your photos back, so it's worth it to me to show you how great they turned out.

  • How Many Edited Photos Will I Receive?

The amount of edits will depend on how well the session goes. You will always receive any photos that I believe you will like. Number of edits given for a typical session varies, but you will receive at least 50 photos (usually 50+). See the pricing page for more specifics on edits given per session. 

  • How Will I Receive My Edits?

You will receive an online gallery via email with a download pin. The gallery will have an expiration date, so be sure to download the images before the listed expiration date. 

  • What If I Want Some Images In Black & White?

If you would like an image in Black & White, simply email me the file number and I will upload it to your online gallery!

  • Where Can I See More Photos?

If you click the Blog tab above there are blog posts of full sessions I've done. You can also head to my Instagram to see more: @_lcphoto

Birth stories and boudoir session examples are available upon request via email or contact tab.

  • Why Do You Require A Deposit?

I require a deposit because space is limited for sessions and this insures that I as the photographer and you as my client will show up to your scheduled session time. Deposits count towards the total amount due and are non-refundable.

  • I Need To Reschedule, What Happens To My Deposit?

If you need to reschedule I just ask that you email me 24 hours before the session time: and we will reschedule your session at no additional cost. Your deposit will still count towards your session.

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

I accept Venmo Payments, Exact Cash, Paypal Payments, Direct Deposit and Credit/Debit Card Payments. Credit/Debit Card transactions will include an additional 3.5% processing fee. 

  • Does My Price Include Tax?

All session prices listed include tax.

  • Am I Required To Tip?

While I do not expect tips, any tip amount given is greatly appreciated. Doing photography and having this business is my main source of income. Providing a service to others, it's the way I make a living.

  • Do You Have Location Suggestions?

Yes I have indoor and outdoor location suggestions if you need them. If you have a suggestion of your own I am open to it as well. Keep in mind that a gas fee may apply if the location is outside of Salt Lake County. 

  • Do You Offer Indoor Sessions?

Indoor sessions can take place in a well lit home or a studio. If you would like to do your session in a studio additional fees will apply.

  • Why Do You Ask For Reviews?

As a small business owner, I receive almost all of my clients via word of mouth. This is why receiving reviews is so important to me. I post the reviews of past clients onto my website from my Facebook Page in hopes to give clients an idea of what it'd be like to work with me as their photographer. 

  • Can I Crop Or Edit The Photos I Receive?

No. All of the images taken by LC Photography are copywritten. Therefore it is illegal to alter them. This includes and is not limited to cropping, applying filters, making black and white, etc. 

  • What If I Need My Photos Edited A Specific Way?

If you would like a photo edited in a specific way (bright, moody, black and white, etc.) I am more than happy to discuss that with you and work to the best of my ability to edit specifically for you. Be sure to send me an email and we can work it out! This mostly applies to bloggers, influencers and boutiques. But if you have a specific idea in mind, don't be afraid to ask.